One X patented sensors have been developed leveraging recent
advancements in the field of Resonance spectroscopy,
called Reflectance spectroscopy (RS)

The light reflected at 527 nm is measured through the second diode, reflecting the real-time concentration of your carotenoids level.

The first diode beams the light at a specific spectrum of color (488nm) inside the palm of your hand.

RS (Reflection spectroscopy) supersedes the previously laboratory-used method based on Raman Spectroscopy in terms of cost (1% of current pricing) and precision (R=0.90 correlation), hence, finally making it directly available to consumers

One X embeds a LED-based miniaturized spectroscopic system (MSS) developed for noninvasive measurement of carotenoids in human skin

Superiority of Skin carotenoids assessment vs blood

Skin carotenoids reserve:
An exogenous and endogenous mirror of your oxidative stress burden
Better reflects your long-term antioxidant reservoir

"The skin barrier is essential for humans to survive in an external environment. It provides the first barrier against various stressors challenging homeostasis (chemically and/or physically) and, as such, is confronted with more severe situations than any other organ since it is exposed to a variety of damaging species such as superoxide radicals, hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorous acid, hydroxyl radicals, nitric oxide radicals and singlet oxygen. These metabolites can also be used to produce more severe reactive species. Origins of these ROS are the external environment, the skin itself and various internal sources"

Ron Kohen, Hebrew University Medical School (1)

Thenar Dermis is a specific area the palm hand where the assessment of your carotenoid level gets the best accuracy and reproducibility. It corresponds to the highest sebaceous gland activity that allow carotenoid transport. It is also a zone with lower chromophore interference such as melanin

One X manufacturing partner:

Our principal partner for the development
& manufacturing of One X sophisticated optomechatronic systems
for medical technology and technical optics applications.
Wild has gained a global recognition for their highest quality
and precision in photonics applications.