We created One X with the vision to empower each of us
to take back control of our health. We made it easy, non-invasive,
at a price we can all afford, to measure how our lifestyle impact our body.

We stand for:

Uncovering the crucial role
of your lifestyle in perfecting
your daily wellness and
preventive chronic illness

A Paradigm shift:
Replacing nutritional
science at the center of
human health enhancement

Excellence and
attention to detail in
everything we

A low profit
approach to directly
benefit our users

The democratization
of Personalized

Meet the team One X

A huge thanks to: Malel Moussafir, Jeremie Sebban, Priscilla Avila, Philippe Berdugo, David Markson, Damien Becq, Pierre Colnet, Hadrien Lelong, Astel Allame, Mathieu Lebegue, Derek Gallo, Nicolas Silvy, Andy Gamertsfelder, Nicolas Goessens, Philippe Boulanger, Mickael Hayate. Luis Gustavo, Duccio Cipriani.


Mark Sisson Ray Kurzweil Prof. Ron Kohen

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