One X Intelligence

One X is unique since it provides a constant feedback loop to its users,
Our algorithms leverage advance machine learning and clustering models to constantly learn and adjust their
recommendations towards one and unique goal: make you reach your full antioxidant potential (One X Score)
One X uses three strategies to know and learn how your lifestyle impact your antioxidant level:

Automatic sync. with lifestyle tracking apps and wearable devices you already use to gather lifestyle information without any efforts.

For any other lifestyle input, One X App offers, in a click, a quick way to input their occurrence in the system. This is how One X computes your lifestyle score.

One X places Nutrition at the center of you health balance offering you, through its food tracking system, a incredibly rapid way to track your meal, and know how they may affect your health.

The more you're active in measuring your antioxidant score,
and tracking your lifestyle, the more One X will know you
and will provide you with custom recommendations
so you can constantly reach a better biofeedback.

Based on these three scores: Lifestyle / Nutrition and One X (antioxidant), One X system is able to formulate a unique supplement formula to fill your current nutritional gap and lifestyle challenging habits that lower your antioxidant score.

Don't need to trust random supplement company claim anymore, now you are able to verify that your body effectively absorbs the supplement you take. That's why, we formulate your supplements with the best formula and encapsulation methods (Liposomes or chelated minerals).

Still, One X is focused on preserving your balance. In many case, much more important than giving antioxidant supplements, is to reduce the production of oxidants in the body. Our mission is to act on both side of the balance.

One X eye®
Unique Food tracking system

Near perfect accuracy leveraging advancements in computer vision, machine learning, human-based computation and KDD (knowledge discovery and data mining).

One X system is able not only to recognize the ingredients in a meal but most importantly accurately assess their quantity and the way they were cooked.

One X intelligence goes way beyond simple calorie or macronutrient counting, embracing the whole interaction complexity between your body and the food you eat and need to absorb.

Beyond Computer Intelligence:
Nutritional intelligence

Custom meal recommendations "cooked" with the best experts in Nutrition and Aging. Leveraging One X eye accuracy, each meal is analyzed through two sub-scores:

Antioxidant protection Learn More

Oxidative risk Learn More

One X food score is a complex balance and combination of these two sub-scores, also including your current physiological needs to accurately reflect the specific impact of this meal on your health and One X score.

One X provides you with specific ingredients, custom recommendations to improve your score and curates plates from around you, retaining their best characteristics, to inspire and guide you towards optimal meal composition.

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